Transformations occur whether we create them willingly or close ourselves into our cocoons in hopes life will knock and the butterfly in us can be coaxed out. In the last two years I have created and nurtured my business Sex Love Intelligence Education, birthed and raised a baby named Elizabeth to age 2, and met and married my husband, Jamie. It’s been an inspiring two years of transformations.

My professional world has transformed from completing a Masters in Education, retiring a 6 year radio show and delivering teen education workshops, to build into the next level. I have been honing my skills at parent education workshops as well as furthering my studies into the sacred sexuality realm in order to best serve my adult relationship and sexuality clients.

My professional services include multiple and varied workshops.  See what’s coming up that you would be interested in attending! I also offer one-on-one or couple sessions to help you build your sexual empowerment. Whether you want to be empowered to talk your kids about sexual health, your partner about your erotic life (or lack thereof), or other sensitive topics around sexuality, please see me as a prime resource.