Erotic Alchemy for Busy People 

Having just completed the first of an exciting and innovative workshop series called Exploring Erotic AlchemyTM, I have been struck by just how much our busy, tasky selves struggle to find time to connect into our bodies, let alone with others!  Part of my intention with teaching “Erotic Alchemy” is to help you build the skills and knowledge to carve out little slices of time to be erotic.  Being erotic is a powerful energy that can be harnessed to help us create and produce amazing things in our lives and in our relationships.  To begin, we must ground into our selves, learn to get to know and love our selves (no easy task!), and then be able to reach out and actually touch and connect with those around us, especially our lovers or close friends and family.

We all want more touch.  In my opinion, and that of many others who have shared this with me, we NEED more touch in our lives.  Our children thrive on it, and so do we.  Where and why did we stop?  Begin today to build your potential for touch.

Try this idea:   Reach out and gently place your hand on your friends hand or shoulder, perhaps turn them towards you and look in their eyes.  Maybe ask them or pull them in for a hug (for no particular reason).

In this moment you’ve created, you might feel invited to tell them how much you think of them, care for them, or wish to connect with them more.  If it seems appropriate perhaps you might kiss them.

Connecting through kiss can be gentle – maybe a feathery soft brush on their cheeks, forehead, nose, or hand.  If they are your lover, you might try kissing them where they don’t expect it and see where that takes you!  However you choose to touch, kiss or connect with your loved ones, bringing more touch into your lives will increase your life force and help to heal many wounds.

Read on to find out where you can join me for a workshop series so you can bring more juice and connection into your life.  You deserve it!
Exploring Erotic AlchemyTM :  Your Journey to Wholeness

Does your sex life have room for improvement?
Do you feel “too busy” to savor sexuality…
with yourself? with your partners?

Sacred Sexuality principles and practices can help you grow new spaces in your erotic life and heal the edges of your sexual limitations.

In this series we guide you in working with your Feminine and Masculine energies to serve your sex life to the fullest.

We welcome all genders, orientations, and relationship structures, and co-create a very safe space to explore. All exercises are fully clothed, non-genital, and respect whatever boundaries you express.

May 10 to June 21 ~ 7 Tuesday evenings ~ 7:30-9:30

SPACE LIMITED ~ Sign up soon so you don’t miss your spot!

Early Bird: just $180 if paid in full by May 6.
Comments from our April series:

“Julia and Sequoia did a great job. They work very well together! I appreciated their knowledge, sharing, compassion & kindness.” Naomi

“Thank you for a beautiful experience. I feel more alive, joyful and confident to continue exploring my bliss.” Valeriana

“I thoroughly enjoyed Julia and Sequoia’s co-facilitation. They both make a great team, in the balance of male and female, and wonderful representation of technique/intellect and experimentation/intuitive...Thank you for an amazing experience and all of your love and joy.”  SE