Is this new to you?  Self Care is one of the most important and fundamental pathways to ‘health’, productivity and relational well being that I can recommend.  Some examples might include: taking deep and meaningful breaths in every and / or any moment; being present in whatever activity you are engaged in (i.e. eating, walking, bathing, self pleasuring, talking with friends, cooking, etc.).  Taking care of your SELF (grounding in to who you REALLY are….whoever that is… do you know?  are you curious? Is compassion and understanding (and excitement and acceptance) coming in to your experience?.  Self Care.

Self Care is multiple and diverse.  What are your notions of self care?  How do they serve your life and why?

It is through awareness of our self and how to love and care for our selves, that we can fully care for and serve others, right?

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