Whether we have been with someone for a long time, or are just getting to know them, there is often a point in the relationship where your crazy passion starts to dwindle… arousal is harder to get and maintain, interest wains…
I recommend you start doing a Touch Exchange, once a week or more. If you want to really build arousal and knowledge of yourself and your lovers, try this for 7 days straight. The exercise goes like this:

Decide who goes first. Describe to your partner in as much detail as possible how you want to be touched for 3 minutes. Set a timer that has a gentle sound to ‘end your time’. While your lover is doing the touch you’ve described, completely release into the touch. Then switch. You can do as many rounds as you want. If you are just starting out with this exercise, I recommend two or three rounds.

You will be amazingly surprised at the results….