I often wonder how all the people in my life are doing with their sexuality…. You might think this is a strange place to put my thoughts over a day but, what I know is, if you don’t put the energy in, it won’t come back out, so I do it. Holding thoughts and space for sexuality is a crucial aspect of ‘having a good sex life’. I figure, if I think about how my loved ones, friends, and family, etc., are feeling about, thinking about, acting on, expressing their sexuality, perhaps that energy will reach you and you may, in turn, become closer to actualizing your dreams, fantasizes, intentions, desires.

If this posting reaches you, take some time today to:
a. think about what you’d like to experience with your body, your senses, your pleasure
b. think about how to make this a reality for yourself
c. ask, enlist, go shopping, express, communicate these thoughts, desires, intentions you may have. Take a step towards making it happen in some way, shape or form.
d. actuallly do something for yourself that gives you pleasure. Whether it’s a massage, a self pleasuring session, sitting by the water and fantasizing how you want to be touched, then going and touching yourself, buying a new toy to pleasure yourself with, asking your partner to pleasure you, or ….. the ideas are endless!
e. ENJOY yourself. Love your body up!

Be in touch with me if you are feeling stunted, blocked, or dark emotions arise when you try this on. I have a powerful, effective coaching practice either on the phone, skype, or in person. I am here for you~