Beloved readers, first let me assure you that my silence has meant nothing but the best intentions and highest work on myself for the benefit of all whom I touch and work with.

For those following me closely, I took a bit of a sabbatical from the sex ed world, not only to have my second child, but to re-craft and reconsider my life’s work and the steps to bring it to reality. For those who are just reading about me now, I have spent over a decade deep in formal (and out of the box) education, honing skills as a sexuality ‘expert’ – in the entertainment field, to workshop programmer and facilitator, to a Sex Ed Curriculum Specialist, then Teacher Trainer.  More recently, bringing together my formal education on family systems and early childhood body science education (and my ‘on the ground’ experience becoming a mother), I have focused on parent workshops and professional development – facilitating counsellors, coaches, teachers and parents how to have sensitive conversations in the ‘every day’ or in every day classrooms/in their practices.

Whew.  All the while seeking ‘how can I bring my life’s work closer to actualizing change I could see and feel’?  How can I possibly do it all, being a mother of two? Sound familiar?

My heart spoke clearly that I wanted to stay near my children in their most formative years (parents and ECE professionals out there know what I mean), and due to time constraints, I probably needed to put my important and meaningful career aside (for the most part)…  then my soul darkened and my potency started to decline.  It turned out that this sacrifice was just too great – have any of you ever felt this?

In pain and in depression, I sought guidance from some of the most brilliant human potential ‘guru’s’ I knew, teachers, leaders, business coaches, community developers, healers, and my creative producer-husband, Jamie Saunders-Wilmott.  I needed a supportive reminder that my gifts are immeasurable and I simply can’t play small.  Then I needed a step-by-step way ‘out’. Following the sage advice I received from so many, and following my deep knowing and calling to engage, heal and empower people, I hung my shingle to become a Family Life, Sex and Relationship Coach. I’ve been developing my practice for the past 3 years – it’s going beautifully.

Being as dedicated as I am to my clients highest potential, I continually search for and attend personal and professional development courses, usually seeking high technology human potential work, or deep spiritual healing work. I have discovered after 20 years of seeking true holistic human potential work that it didn’t really seem to exist.  Until lately.  I was introduced to Harmon Integration and it just sounded so perfect for what I was seeking for my clients that I had to sign up for the Coaching Training.  The training, the technology, and the results sounded kind of unbelievable (to my educated and experienced mind), but I dove in anyway as my courage and heart guide me to just the answer I’m looking for.

Check out: !  If you don’t have FB, briefly let me describe Harmony Integration methodologies and practices.  They are “the highest distillation of the greatest advancements in psychology, therapy and human potential” (Satyen Raja, 2013, personal communication).

It’s true.  I’ve experienced many healing modalities and incredibly powerful and lasting human potential and self development types of work/groups/programs.  This, by far, is the most potent, the most integrated (holistic), and the most lasting.  If you are ready to truely shift and change what limits you, remove obstacles, stresses, pain, you name it, this is THE work – trust me and trust yourself!

Ok, enough about me.  Please welcome me back in to your reading and your life?  I am about to re-engage and inspire you!