We hear all the time how we must seek wisdom from outside of ourselves. See a Professional. Research. Educate. Search the net. We also hear “the answers you need are within yourself”. Go meditate, for example!

What if you could take any issue that is bothering you within yourself and remove the charge, the negative energy, that may be swinging you to one side or from side to side, causing confusion and stagnation? What if you were able to efficiently use your self reflection time to find the solutions you need to move forward with clarity and strength?  No more nights ruminating instead of sleeping.

I welcome you to attend one of my “Freedom Workshops” to have a firsthand demonstration and experience with the kind of exercise that I’m about to explain, and be  supported by myself and my co-facilitator husband, Jamie Saunders-Wilmott. There is nothing quite like being fully supported to deeply integrate an exercise that will bring you the calmness and clarity required to move forward in our lives.

In the event you can’t make it, the exercise goes something like this:

Find the time to drop into your body through a favorite type of activity, i.e. walking, running, biking, yoga, bathing – just ensure that you have the space to go within and be clear of distractions.  Identify the problem you have into a few words.  Inquire and answer both questions equally, going back and forth – what’s good about this problem? What’s bad about this problem? Keep answering both questions about the original problem until there is nothing more to say on either side.

The results from doing this type of ***internal inquiry*** will surprise you. Don’t give up thinking there’s absolutely nothing good about this problem, or thinking there’s nothing bad about it. Keep working until you feel there is literally nothing more to say on either side, equally. The results that you will achieve from this practice will save you in time, money, and seeking information that may do nothing but confuse you.

The body is very, very wise and knows more than you could possibly imagine.  Ensure you listen to what it will tell you during this process as well.  Do an activity that drops you in to your body while you inquire with your mind.

If you’d like some coaching and a written version of this process, please be in touch with me. This is something you can take into any aspect of your life to find the wisdom you have within.  The wisdom and balance to move forward with clarity and resolve.

With love


*** This simple yet effective process, known as “End of Words” was created by Zivorad Slavinski and taught to me by Harmony Integration Academy.