With all that we face every day, all of the pressures to perform on multiple levels of our life, for example, house holding, finances, fitness, family, and everything else in between, our sexuality tends to either take a major backseat, or we indulge more than would be helpful to keep a balanced life.

As with everything in life balance is key but achieving this can just seem out of reach or just another ‘thing’ to add to our plate. Frankly, it’s not sexy!

As a person who is always in constant pursuit of self-development and improving my happiness quotient I seek to achieve this challenge of balance in everything I do, and most importantly everything I feel and think. Although we can’t always be on top of it finding time to feel pleasure has innumerable benefits to the body, mind, and soul. Nurturing our pleasure centers is crucial for our overall well-being.

Many of us choose to nurture our pleasure centers with food, or exercise, good times with friends, television, being in nature, or drinking and taking other intoxicants. These all have good and sometimes unhealthy outcomes. We know this. I feel the slippery slope has to do with choosing something that is outside of ourselves that we are putting inside. Filling ourselves up with the pleasures of life is sought to help us up our happiness quotient. This is all fine if we can do it in a healthy way but that can sometimes come with a lot of negative as well.

Personally, I find spending time pleasuring your body with your own energies and simply what’s around you is one of those rare ‘you can’t lose’ type of activities. By this I mean spending time with yourself, seeing beautiful things, experiencing your breath, listening to natural sounds / the silence around you, feeling your touch or the warmth of the sun on your skin, the breeze, the water that you surround yourself with. If you feel inspired to self pleasure do so without the tools, toys and ‘TV’ – as if you are stranded on a deserted island!

Nurturing your own ability to experience the very simplest pleasures of life, including a self induced orgasm, will fill you with the juice of life that we seek – and need – in our daily experience; to help us find the balance that supports our best good.

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