After reading this article, I felt it contained enough good information to post it to my blog and give you a thumbs up for taking your precious time to check it out.

Lea Grover’s article: “This is What Sex-Positive Parenting Really Looks Like

Girls on Hanne shoot May 2014

It is true that our children are sexual beings, like anyone else, and that this is the foundation of our humanness, whether you choose to be sexual or not.

It is true that laying the foundation for good healthy sex education begins in infancy, making our jobs as parents much easier and more successful in the long run.

For many parents it remains daunting to ‘start the conversation’ but it begins before our little ones are even verbal so we might as well make it intentional rather than unconscious and potentially rife with the kinds of messages we really don’t intend to pass on.

This article speaks to conversations that begin ages three and up, perhaps? There is a certain beautiful and critically important feminist angle to it which I really appreciate.  When reading this article and speaking to your little boys it goes the same, just switching the words vulva with penis!

Although the learning in this article begins age 3-ish, I always encourage parents to begin talking to their little ones when just months old and on, while diapering or bathing them, and to use the scientific words, saying them over and over until it is just the most normal thing in the world even for the parents.  🙂  As they age and begin exploring their body parts, and their friends body parts, with more intention and enthusiasm, it helps to have a foundation of language and awareness in both the parent and the child to enable the continuing complexities to be gracefully addressed.

As parents we do our very best for our children and focus on important aspects like nutrition, sleep, play, education, social and emotional intelligence; sexuality and gender education is no different. If you feel perplexed to deal with it all, or don’t know where to begin, be in touch!

Enjoy your read I believe it will be well worth your time.